Learn how to use Innovation Games® Collaboration frameworks and the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud!

Collaboration frameworks to solve your business needs

In 2006, Luke Hohmann wrote Innovation Games®: Creating Breakthrough Products through Collaborative Play, outlining a set of collaboration frameworks that organizations can use to fuel their innovation process. These frameworks have enabled 1000s of business leaders to prioritize project portfolios, create corporate strategy, build breakthrough products and services, improve team engagement and more.

And thanks to the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud, these frameworks can power collaborative decision making at scale, enabling teams to tackle their business challenges, no matter where their team members are in the world.

In addition to the Innovation Games® Collaboration Frameworks, the Collaboration Cloud also gives users access to other branded collections of collaboration frameworks, community/open source frameworks, and an ever-evolving collection of custom frameworks.

Use Collaboration Frameworks and the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud to:

Understand your customers needs

Increase empathy for your customers' experience

Make better strategy decisions

Deliver the right features

Improve the effectiveness of sales and services

Identify the most effective marketing messages and sellable features

Bring your ideas to action

Our Ideas to Action methodology and collaboration platform enable your entire innovation process: From sparking that next great idea, to determining product market fit and building the minimum viable product, to iterating and driving breakthrough success.

Try a collaboration framework now

The Empathy Map is one of XPLANE’s methods for understanding players in your business ecosystem. See how it works here.

Objective: Help you gain insight and understanding for a targeted persona.
How to play: Drag icons from the top left onto your empathy map. Use smiley faces to indicate what would make your persona happy. Use grim faces to indicate what would make your persona concerned. Use frown faces to indicate what would make your persona unhappy.

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We’ve collaborated with the Gamestorming team to bring you this online game. Read more about it here.

Objective: Generate constructive feedback.
How to Play: Ask players to reflect on what was positive/repeatable about an activity and capture their thoughts under the “plus” column using “plus” icons. Ask your players to denote what they would change under the “delta” column using the “delta” icons.

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One of the 12 games that started it all. Read why it works here.

Objective: Identify what is wrong with your existing products and services.
How to Play: In this game, you have 25 anchors to share with your fellow players. Anchors represent what is preventing your product or service from being as successful as it could be. The game will help you keep track of just how bad each anchor is.

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