for you to design, facilitate and play Innovation Games

Unlike many other companies, we’re not big into “trade secrets”. The more people who are playing Innovation Games, the happier we are.

Our 13 official Innovation Games are available for anyone to use, so long as our trademarks are respected in all materials.

And, we believe anyone interested in playing these games would benefit tremendously (and achieve far better results) by attending one of our training courses or partnering with an Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Architect.

And don’t forget, you can play some of our most popular collaboration frameworks (including Prune the Product Tree, Speed Boat, and Buy a Feature) online by getting a subscription to the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud’s Idea Engine or Decision Engine.


Psst–wanna hear a secret? We’re building an army. Don’t worry, though–our army is composed of trained, dedicated, talented Certified Collaboration Architects, players, and customers. Want to get involved? Join our LinkedIn group.

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