Tools and Templates

We hope that you find these tools and templates helpful in making the most of the Innovation Games® collaboration frameworks.

Looking for a template or a tool that we don’t have? Send us an email and let us know what you need.

Planning Tools

  • IG-PlanningTemplate A template we’ve found helpful in planning in-person events. If you hire us to work with you, chances are good we’ll be walking you through this!
  • IG-Budget-Template A very useful budget template to help you in planning the total costs of in-person and online forums.
  • IG-Supply-Checklists You’ll want to leverage these checklists when planning for your forums.
  • One-Page-Overview A simple, one page overview of the collaboration frameworks that you can print and share.

Invitation Letters

Writing a good invitation letter is a bit of an art. You need to provide the facts, of course, but you also want to capture the energy and excitement of the Innovation Games collaboration frameworks. Sometimes, you’ll reference the collaboration frameworks directly. Many times, you won’t. Either approach is OK.

InvitationLetter Aladdin Knowledge Systems kindly gave us permission to share this invitation letter from their DRM (Digital Rights Management) Advisory Board meeting.

Framework-Specific Supplies and Resources

  • Observer Cards Insert these cards into the stack of blank 5×8 cards you hand to your Observers. They’ll enjoy the surprise and you’ll enjoy the improved results.
  • Speed Boat poster A nice boat that you can use in your Speed Boat forums.
  • Buy a Feature Money  Purchase Monoply® money. If that link doesn’t work, you can always try the official Monopoly website.
  • Game of Life® money — the denominations are MUCH bigger than Monopoly® money — can be found here.
  • Spider Web Paper  We like HP Bright White Large Format Printer paper. It’s sturdy, strong, and markers don’t easily bleed through the paper. It also works great for covering tables when playing Product Box. You can purchase through LOTS of online office supply stores or HP.
  • Start Your Day Visio-Start-Your-Day-Worksheets This is a set of very general calendars that you can tailor to your needs. Make sure you print them on a large format printer!
  • Prune the Product Tree Poster Here is a high-resolution copy of our one of our favorite trees suitable for poster printing. We’ve used in a LOT of in-person games. And it is a tree that is available for everyone to use in the online forums.
  • Speed Plane Poster Here is a high-resolution copy of our one of our new versions of Speed Boat…Speed Plane!
  • Empathy Map poster. A hi-res version for playing Empathy Map in-person.