Innovation Games
Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play

by Luke Hohmann (Author)

The toughest part of innovation? Accurately predicting what customers want, need, and will pay for. Even if you ask them, they often can’t explain what they want. The Innovation Games® Book draws on author and founder Luke Hohmann’s marketing, product management and product development experience, as well as his longtime study of human psychology to deliver twelve unique games that help you uncover your customers’ true, hidden needs and desires.

A Solution for Achieving Breakthrough Innovations

Innovation Games are collaboration frameworks that you can play online or in-person with your colleagues and customers. You will learn how and why a game works, how to setup, play and analyze a game and how you can integrate the results into your existing research and development processes. Learn new methods that focus your efforts, reduce your costs, accelerate time to market, and ensure that the solutions you develop are the right ones.

How Do You Innovate Successfully?

Innovation is incredibly simple. All you have to do is accurately predict what your customers want, need, and will pay for.

Oh, wait. Sorry. That’s actually very hard. At least with traditional tools.

So how do you find this information? Well, you can just ask your customers what they want. The problem, of course, is that with most truly breakthrough innovations, current and potential customers don’t actually know what they want before they see it. If you just try to deliver what they already want, you’ll never truly innovate. Even worse, traditional market research practices prove that often, customers have trouble articulating what, exactly, they want in the first place.

Learn how your customers define success

  • Discover what customers don’t like about your offerings
  • Uncover unspoken needs and breakthrough opportunities
  • Understand where your offerings fit into your customers’ operations
  • Clarify exactly how and when customers will use your product or service
  • Deliver the right new features, and make better strategy decisions
  • Increase empathy for the customers’ experience within your organization
  • Improve the effectiveness of the sales and service organizations
  • Identify your most effective marketing messages and sellable features
  • Innovation Games® Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play is a must-read for anyone involved in market research and product or service development (which, when you think about it, means virtually everyone).