Enthiosys Announces that Net Objectives Has Purchased the First Enterprise License for Innovation Games® Online

Innovation Games Online represents a breakthrough in how teams can collaborate online and in real-time to solve complex business problems.

Mountain View, CA – March 9, 2010. Enthiosys, the leading provider of agile product management strategy and consulting services, today announced that Net Objectives, the leading agile training/consulting company, has purchased the first Enterprise License for Enthiosys’s Innovation Games® Online. Net Objective’s purchase will allow its clients to use real-time, interactive, online games to solve complex collaboration problems, without the cost or complexity of bringing participants physically together.

“Net Objectives is pleased to be the first purchaser of an Enterprise License for Innovation Games Online,” said Net Objectives CEO Alan Shalloway, “Not only because it shows our own commitment to bringing the best methods in the industry to our clients, but because we believe that the Innovation Games represent a true breakthrough in how organizations collaborate to solve complex problems.”

Enthiosys launched Innovation Games Online in July 2009, and was highlighted in a recent Forrester report as a leader in the serious games industry for helping businesses “do work.”

Innovation Games Online currently includes two real-time Innovation Games, Buy a Feature Online and Prune the Product Tree Online, based on Luke Hohmann’s book Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products through Collaborative Play. Buy A Feature brings together groups of users to collectively decide which product features are most valuable, while Prune the Product Tree lets participants collaboratively design visual representations of a product’s evolution. More online Innovation Games are in the works, and Net Objectives has also committed to co-create a new game, “Team Estimation,” for the Agile industry to help teams more effectively estimate user stories.

“We’re thrilled to have Net Objectives’ support for Innovation Games Online,” said Luke Hohmann, Enthiosys CEO. “Net Objectives has consistently brought leading principles and practices to its clients as they seek to maximize their return on their technology solution and software development efforts. Net Objectives commitment to their customers is enhanced by the purchase of an Innovation Games Enterprise License, bringing serious tools for real-time collaboration and decision-making to their clients.”

About Enthiosys

Enthiosys is an Agile product management consulting firm that helps clients achieve business agility: delivering great results as well as great software. As the leading authority on Agile product management, the firm works collaboratively with clients to gain crucial insights into customer needs, translate those insights into superior products, and manage products across the lifecycle. Innovation Games are the seriously fun way to do serious work, providing collaborative methods and tools for understanding what customers and markets need. Innovation Games Online deliver real-time collaboration across the Internet. To learn more, visit www.Enthiosys.com and www.InnovationGames.com.

About NetObjectives

Net Objectives is the nation’s premier Lean-Agile training company with the most extensive curriculum. Practice areas include: Lean Software Development, Kanban for Software, Scrum Process and Analysis, Agile Architecture, Test-Driven Development, Agile Design Patterns, Quality Assurance and more. The company delivers comprehensive assessments, training, coaching, mentoring and consulting via public courses and custom in-house corporate programs focused on the practical implementation of Lean-Agile practices. Founded in 1999 by Alan Shalloway, Net Objectives is a diverse and talented team of Agile Experts headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.


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