Innovation Games® Sessions at Agile 2010

August 9-13, 2010
Orlando, FL
Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort

The Innovation Games® are taking Agile 2010 by storm. Luke Hohmann, The Innovation Games Company CEO, and thoughtleaders from the Innovation Games and Agile community are offering a variety of sessions covering Innovation Games and Agile development:

Life’s Not a Beach, It’s a Game: Innovation Games® for Agile Teams
Luke Hohmann and Cory Foy

One of the most important decisions a team can make is deciding what features it wants to deliver, and when to deliver them. Delivering the wrong features too early can lead to failure and delivering them too late, or for the wrong market segment, can lead to a competitive disadvantage and lost sales. In this hands-on workshop, Cory and Luke will show you how to use collaborative play with customers to discover how they think and what they value, and use this information to effectively prioritize and release the features they want — when they want them.

The Task Commitment Game
Michele Sliger

The Task Commitment Game helps team members allocate their time across tasks in an iteration. Designed to be played during the iteration planning meeting, this game specifically helps teams whose members are still working in narrowly defined skill sets. Attendees will play the game as members of a team who don’t have enough available hours in the iteration to get all the tasks done. After the game is complete, two additional variations will be shown: an online version for distributed teams from Innovation Games®, and a minimalist version for the busy or budget-constrained.

The Biggest Bang for the Buck! Strategies to Organize & Prioritize Your Backlog
Michael Sahota and Gino Marckx

Selecting and delivering the most important work is a critical success factor in Agile projects. But how do you know what is important? Unless you are psychic, some help would come in handy. Get a guided tour of a variety of strategies and tools to manage your backlog. Understand the benefits of each approach using a model that puts them in context; learn how to make informed decisions on which to use in your situation. For example, Innovation Games®, Story Map, Software By Numbers, Kano Analysis.

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