Featured Facilitators Program Kicks Off!

Over the past several years we’ve trained hundreds of people from around the world in how to use Innovation Games® to solve complex problems. Many of these people are incredibly skilled consultants from a wide variety of disciplines, including sales, market research, strategic management, user experience, Agile software development, and portfolio management. These consultants are an amazing group of people, and they are capable of helping you solve many complex problems.

I’m a fan of these consultants because I generally believe that the best facilitators bring a mix of domain knowledge, facilitation, planning, and relationship management skills to Innovation Games® projects. They are also a group of people dedicated to helping understand the games and how they can be used to solve complex problems.

We’ve also learned that many people want to experience a game as a player before they introduce the games to their own customers. This is a classic “try before you buy” scenario. And it make good sense.

With the goal of showcasing our amazing consultants while providing great opportunities to educate people on the games by having them play games, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve kicked off our Featured Facilitator program. Each week we will be featuring one of the many Facilitators that we’ve trained in Innovation Games®. These facilitators will be playing games that they’ve designed in a set of topics that matter to them. We’ll be featuring these facilitators on our web site and encouraging you to play. The facilitators will be listed on the right hand side of the web site.

We’ll keep you posted of the schedule through our soon-to-be-released monthly newsletter.

I’m going to kick off the program on May 21, 2010 by facilitating two games (you can register here). This will let us work out the kinks in this program and enable us to schedule additional facilitators.

Stay tuned and come play games!

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