Reed Elsevier Doubles Down with Enterprise License

Jeff Honious, Vice President of Innovation, Reed Elsevier

We’ve worked with Reed Elsevier since 2009, having trained more than 100 of the company’s employees, and we can honestly say that Reed Elsevier is full of true “Innovation Gamers.” In fact, Reed Elsevier recently decided to extend the use of Innovation Games® to the entire company by signing an enterprise license for our online game platform Innovation Games Online (IGO). This partnership will allow Reed Elsevier to gather deeper customer insight in all sectors, around the globe.

Jeff Honious, Reed Elsevier’s Vice President of Innovation, took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to explain how IGO is being put to work at Reed Elsevier.

Why do you use Innovation Games?

At Reed Elsevier, we strive to innovate to improve outcomes of the professionals we serve. True innovation requires deep customer insights, and we’ve found Innovation Games to be a great set of tools for gaining those insights.

How long have you been using Innovation Games?

We’ve been using Innovation Games to engage both internal stakeholders and external customers since mid-2009. More than 100 Reed Elsevier staff members have been trained as Innovation Games facilitators, and these staff members have been very enthusiastic about their experiences with the games. They’ve found that the games and techniques taught by The Innovation Games® Company are quite applicable in all our diverse work environments.

What kinds of questions are you exploring via the games?

We use the Innovation Games to define and refine customer requirements for our product offerings, to determine stakeholder prioritization and preference with regard to enhancements to existing solutions, and to solicit feedback on internal policies and work environment issues from staff. The games are fun and easy to set up and run, and can be tailored to a variety of situations.

How are you using the games online?

Due to our global presence, groups in Reed Elsevier often work with people in geographically diverse locations. Using Innovation Games Online means that we can host games — with minimal set up and facilitation — to connect customers and stakeholders across the globe. This online capability is unique in the world of innovative tools, and is a truly valuable differentiator, and we plan to increase our use of the online tools significantly in 2011.

First published in Your Next Move! Issue January 2011.

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