The custom-designed serious game allows players to leverage the innovation process known as Triple Helix to address and uncover solutions to large-scale social problems.

Mountain View, CA – July 14, 2011. Trilicious, a custom-designed serious game created by The Innovation Games® Company, debuted today at the ninth Triple Helix Conference at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. More than 50 academic, government and business leaders played the game, seeking solutions to large-scale issues as corrupt governments, government regulation of intellectual property, housing and education for slums, or greening a region.

Trilicious, like other serious games, leverages the cognitive stimulation found in gameplay to produce unique and unknown insights that wouldn’t be obtained through other methods. With the input of Mae Lin Fung, Professor Henry Etzkowitz and Dr. Marina Ranga, Luke Hohmann, CEO of The Innovation Games® Company, designed the in-person game based on the Triple Helix model, which aims to create innovative solutions to large-scale, complex social issues through the convergence and interaction of universities, industry and government.


“Our goal was to create a fascinating and challenging game of innovation and strategy,” said Luke Hohmann, CEO of The Innovation Games® Company and Trilicious Creator, “in which small groups of players would use their knowledge of the Triple Helix concept to create the best possible solutions to a variety of complex problems.”


Trilicious is, in essence, a board game designed to operate in a similar fashion to such popular games as Risk or Settlers of Catan. Players work together in teams of 5-7 to build creative solutions to a selected problem by combining Knowledge, Innovation and Consensus cards. The Trilicious Game materials include a game board, 12 preset Problem, Knowledge, Innovation and Consensus cards, along with a number of blank “Aha!” cards for players to write down their unique solution elements. “Aha” cards are scored higher than the preset cards and the most creative solution is dubbed the winner.

Pictures and transcriptions of the 10 Trilicious games played at the Triple Helix IX conference are available at here. Also available, under the Creative Commons license, are all game materials, rules, and the game overview.

“It’s our hope that the Trilicious game will continue to spark creativity, innovation and critical thinking on how academia, government, and industry can work together to solve complex problems around the world and benefit the global community,” said Luke Hohmann.

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