The Innovation Games® Company launches IndieGoGo project to bring Budget Games concept to tens of thousands of citizens worldwide.

Mountain View, CA – July 5, 2011. The Innovation Games® Company (TIGC) and the city of San Jose, CA, made history on January 29, 2011, by bringing together 100s of ordinary citizens, community leaders and city officials to play games to solve the city’s budget crisis. The collaborative in-person game was specially designed by TIGC to give ordinary citizens the opportunity to negotiate with each other, listen to their neighbors and city officials and work together to prioritize possible funding cuts for the upcoming city budget.

The game’s success, outlined in such media outlets as the Huffington Post and the San Jose Mercury News, not only gave the Mayor’s Office actionable input from citizens, but inspired TIGC to think big and bring the in-person Budget Game online, enabling tens of thousands of individuals play games for civic good. To fund development of this specially designed game for government, TIGC has launched a project on the crowd-funding site, IndieGoGo.

“Our experience with the city of San Jose has convinced us that games are a powerful tool for civic engagement,” said Luke Hohmann, CEO and Founder of the Innovation Games® Company. “Thus we’re seeking funds to extend our existing in-person version of Budget Games into an online version. Instead of engaging hundreds of citizens, we want to powerfully connect tens of thousands or even millions of motivated citizens with their elected officials—and we need help from the citizens of the world to get this done.”

TIGC has assembled a team of developers who are ready and waiting to help put the Budget Games online and hired a summer intern who has already started working on our outreach program. The company has also trained more than 400 facilitators in cities across the U.S. and around the world, and attracted the  interest of several major corporations willing to provide hosting and analytic services to help cities hosting games take action against the results.

“Elected official need to understand the preferences of their constituents to make the tough choices necessary to resolve our budget crises,” continues Hohmann. “Taking the Budget Games online will enable massive engagement and encouragement engagement, based not on political persuasion, but on informed discourse.

Get involved and follow the project’s progress on IndieGoGo.

About The Innovation Games® Company
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