Cyberspace Roundup: July 2011

Better Retrospectives, Triple Helix Trilicious, From Russia with InnovGames Love & more…

It’s been a busy month in cyberspace for Innovation Games, from Speed Boat for Retrospectives, to reports on our custom-designed game for the Triple Helix Conference, Trilicious. Read on for a few of this month’s gems.

Reinvigorated Retrospectives

“It’s not uncommon for agile development teams to reach the point where their retrospectives become ineffective or the team members stop seeing value in the meeting,” writes VersionOne’s Matt Badgely in his post on reinvigorating retrospectives. As an antidote, Matt suggests Sail Boat, an adaption of the Innovation Game Speed Boat. The game helps circumvent three of the anchors that drag down the effectiveness of retrospectives: monotony, lack of action and the quiet majority. Read more here.

Trilicious: The Triple Helix Game

On July 14, 2011 at the Triple Helix IX International Conference at Stanford University, we debuted Trilicious, a custom-designed game to help people learn about — and more importantly, apply — the Triple Helix model to solve complex problems. Designed by CEO Luke Hohmann, and based on the work of Professors Henry Etzkowitz and Dr. Marina Ranga, with contributions from Mei Lin Fung and several Innovation GamesĀ® Trained Facilitators, the game motivates players to work collaboratively to create innovative solutions to complex problems through university-industry-government interactions. More than 50 government, academic and industry leaders played Trilicious. You can see results from the game and download the game materials here.

Mei Lin Fung wrote about her experience playing Trilicious and the insights her team received as a result here.

Innovation Games in the Russian House

Innovation Games is truly an international phenomenon, with trained facilitators on 5 continents, speaking more than 20 languages. This month we saw the launch of Innovation Games Russia, a community site where Russian Innovation Gamers can explore, learn and debate the merits of using games to do real work.

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