Innovation Games at Design by Fire 2011

Jonathan Clark, Innovation Games Qualified Instructor, Trained Facilitator and founder of Jonathan Clark & Partners will be leading an Innovation Games workshop at Design by Fire 2011 on Oct 13-14. The two-day workshop will focus on how Innovation Games can help customers, partners, teams and individuals work together to create winning products and services.


Innovation Games Workshop
Design by Fire 2011
Utrecht, The Netherlands
13-14 Oct. 2011, 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM AMT

Workshop Description
As the systems we design for become more complex, work is changing from a solo activity to a team sport, where individuals, teams, partners and customers need to work together.

Cross-functional collaboration requires new skills and practices. How can you engage more people in the process, without losing the creative culture and energy that fuels the process?

Applying game thinking and game mechanics can help you quickly form simple models of complex systems, so you can involve others in your thinking, explore systems, and experience them from within to gain new insights and have serious fun while doing.

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