Now more cost-effective than ever to collaborate with customers and colleagues–worldwide.

Mountain View, CA – Oct 27, 2011. The Innovation Games® Company has announced new pricing for its revolutionary Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, Innovation Games® Online. The only online game platform for market research and customer insight initiatives, Innovation Games® Online enables organizations to create and play games with their customers to discover better, more actionable research data.

Professional subscriptions for Innovation Games® Online, offering unlimited use, are now $149 per month, $1490 annually; Standard subscriptions, offering 100 private games, are $49 per month, $495 annually.

“In the past 6 months we’ve seen a 300% increase in Innovation Games® Online users, as organizations large and small discover the power of IGO for online collaboration and consensus building,” said Luke Hohmann, CEO and founder.

“This rapid growth has given us insight into how the Innovation Games® Online platform is being put to work in market research, customer insight and collaboration,” Hohmann continued. “In response, we’ve streamlined our offerings and lowered the cost of our annual and monthly subscriptions, making it more cost-effective than ever to collaborate, ideate and prioritize with customers and colleagues—whether they are in the next cube or in another time zone.”

Professional subscriptions still provide unlimited use and all of the features, heavy users of Innovation Games® Online have come to expect—just at a lower price. For $149 a month, professional subscribers get:


  • Unlimited private games
  • 3rd-party facilitation
  • Galas
  • Excel download of game results
  • Cross-game interpretations
  • And much more!


Standard subscriptions now provide users with 100 private games, access to the full suite of visual collaboration and virtual market game engines—at a lower price. For $49 a month, standard subscribers get:

  • 100 private games
  • Unlimited public games
  • Excel Download of game results
  • Cross-game interpretations
  • And much more!


Free trial subscriptions are also available, along with reduced pricing for nonprofits.

Innovation Games® Online launched in July 2009, and was highlighted in a recent Forrester report as a leader in the serious games industry for helping businesses “do work.” The online game platform includes both real-time visual collaboration and virtual market games.

The online games are based on a collection of world’s most respected serious games. Starting with games based on Luke Hohmann’s book Innovation Games®: Creating Breakthrough Products through Collaborative Play, Innovation Games® Online supports Buy a Feature, an online prioritization game that brings together groups of users to collectively decide which product features are most valuable, and the visual collaboration games Prune the Product Tree and Speed Boat. We’ve also added support for the visual collaboration games Empathy Map, Cover Story and Plus/Delta from the book Gamestorming. Finally, the online platform includes a “Design Your Own Visual Game” feature that allows users to create customized games that function as visual wikis, enabling participants to visually collaborate to solve complex problems.

More online Innovation Games® are in the works, including games targeting mobile devices.

About The Innovation Games® Company
The Innovation Games® Company is the only producer of serious games—online and in-person—for market research. TIGC helps organizations large and small get actionable insights into customer needs and preferences to improve performance, through collaborative play, having worked with such companies as Cisco, Reed Elsevier, Yahoo!, Qualcomm, SAP, Emerson Climate Technologies and more. To learn more about Innovation Games® Online, our online game platform for real-time, distributed collaboration and Knowsy, our brand engagement platform, visit http://innovationgames.com.


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