The comprehensive program rewards skill and experience in using Innovation Games, Gamestorming and related techniques to solve business problems.

April 12, 2013 — Mountain View, CA. The Innovation Games® Company, the leading producer of online and in-person serious games for business, today announced the launch of its “Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect Program”. Built around skill and experience with planning, playing and facilitating serious games to accomplish business goals, the program connects organizations needing Innovation Games services with experienced Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Architects (CCAs).

“The Certification program has evolved from direct requests from our largest customers to help them identify and hire qualified facilitators. We’re also seeing companies list Innovation Games® as prerequisites for employment, which matches the increasing demand we see in the business world, as more and more companies integrate serious games into their business processes,” says Luke Hohmann, CEO and Founder of The Innovation Games® Company.

“With more than 1,000 people trained in our methods—both inside and outside of corporations—-and a growing user base for our online software,” Hohmann continues, “it was time to create a program to connect Collaboration Architects with the organizations putting serious games to work.”

The “Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect Program” enables individuals who facilitate and produce Innovation Games® and similar techniques to more effectively market their services to potential clients. Through the program, Certified Collaboration Architects earn “Belts” for facilitating and producing both online and in-person games using Innovation Games®, Gamestorming and other approved techniques within the community.

CCAs can be ranked at 9 belt levels, designating them as Apprentice through Master Certified Collaboration Architects. In the months ahead, CCAs will be able to also earn and be recognized for special achievements or skills, such as being an excellent discussion leader, or possessing unique knowledge of a given domain or industry. Higher-ranked CCAs get more options to promote themselves in the community.

Organizations needing serious games expertise win big with this program. They can search the “Find an Expert” database to find Certified Collaboration Architects with the right mix of skills and experience for their research, collaboration and strategic planning needs. This allows companies to get the best insights from their serious games engagements.

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The Innovation Games® Company is the leading producer of serious games—online and in-person—for business. Innovation Games helps organizations large and small get actionable insights into customer needs and preferences to improve performance, through collaborative play, having worked with such companies as Cisco, Reed Elsevier, Yahoo!, Qualcomm, SAP, Emerson Climate Technologies and more. To learn more about Innovation Games® Online, our online game platform for real-time, distributed collaboration and Knowsy for Sales, our sales enablement game, visit

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