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Serena Software Conquers the Complex Sale with Games


It’s no secret that serious games are conquering business problems across the enterprise — from market research to strategic planning — but did you know that games can also tackle one of the thorniest, the complex sale?

How Serena Software Uses Knowsy for SalesOur online game platform, Knowsy for Sales, was recently profiled in B2B Online for it’s role in helping Serena Software with just that problem.

Charlene Woolard writes in “How Playing Games Helps Serena Software Support Sales Reps”, “Serena Software’s sales pitch is not a simple one. When the company’s reps sit down with prospects, the conversation is about how to build an enterprise-wide plan to streamline IT development, operations and management.” The landscape is complex, Woolard continues, the technology solutions cross departments, divisions, and the decision-makers and stakeholders — even from the same team — may have different priorities.

The problem Serena Software wanted solve was how to frame that complex conversation, while uncovering alignment. And using Knowsy for Sales to build Serena Software’s Social IT Game was the perfect answer. The game, used in Serena’s marketing events and roadshows around the globe, asks participants to rank their priorities and then predict the priorities of other players.

Serena Software's Social IT Game: Myers-Briggs for IT Organizations
Serena Software’s Social IT Game: Myers-Briggs for IT Organizations

Playing the game starts the conversation, says Serenity Thompson, Director of Marketing-Americas for Serena Software. “In the end, they make a common list of priorities. It’s a non-confrontational way to have a conversation that can be difficult.”

To read more about the Social IT Game, check out the complete B2B Online article, or watch Kevin Parker, Serena Software’s VP and Chief Evangelist, discuss the game in detail at the IG Summit in January.

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