MEET THE SPEAKER: Adrie Dolman on How Real Companies Use Real Games

You’re speaking at the Innovation Games Summit about using games with one of your Clients in the session “Who’s Got the Power?’. What can attendees expect?
I’m going to tell a real-life story, which everyone will probably recognize from their own experience. It’s about the daily games people play in organizations. Why do we play games? Who are the players? What are the rules? What’s fair play? How can we win those games? (Sneak preview: You can’t win, and you don’t have to!)

Sounds interesting. So you’re talking about real life, political games?
Yes, It’s about real-life in-person games. Mostly, my clients weren’t aware that they were playing a game.

Is there anything special about how you used games or your game design? 
1. Understand the game your participants (co-workers/clients/etc.) are playing.
2. Don’t change all the rules; it’s their game.
3. Don’t participate yourself; just moderate.
4. Involve the voice of the customer.

What has been your overall experience with doing work with games?
It’s really about people, not the games

What techniques or games do you use most frequently and why?
I just moderate, and try not to have any opinions.

Do you have a favorite Innovation Game?
Speed Boat and Give them a Hot Tub are my favorites, because people are tempted in these games to show their subconscious value drivers. I prefer in-person (offline) games, because then I can moderate the best.

What are you most looking forward to at the Summit?
I hope to get inspired by new games and/or techniques to improve my game portfolio and proposition. And I want to find out what moves the participating decision makers to use Innovation Games.


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