MEET THE SPEAKERS: Jens Otto Lange & Thomas Stegman on Storytelling to Prototype Digital Experiences

You’re speaking at the Innovation Games Summit about Storythinking: Use Storytelling to Prototype Digital Experience. What can attendees expect from your session?
Thomas: Attendees can expect an in-depth interactive experience. They will use stories to prototype products or services and will learn to develop a persona and a story to create a better product.
Jens: I’ll add that we’ll apply Design Methods in a game setting. Attendees can expect fun and interaction!

Can you tell us a little bit more?
Jens: This session will be a simulation. We will involve attendees in creating the solution, to unleash passion and to trigger ideas and thoughts such as: What will my story be? How will this story enhance understanding and reveal hidden details?

Is there anything special about your how you’re using games or the design?
Jens: We will be combining some techniques of Design Thinking and storytelling.
Thomas: We’ll be providing you with the tools to make something great. We will try to allow you to experience something you might have read about before, but experiencing it will allow you to understand in new and maybe even eye-opening ways.

What has been your overall experience with doing work with games?
Jens: Games and groups together work well in a business context. However, one must be aware of the company’s culture and environment, and adapt to it. Some companies are more open and creative than others, so one has to choose techniques according to the company’s atmosphere. What’s so great about these games is how they bring people out of their usual, formal behavior and get people active and engaged, when put into the right environment or space.
Thomas: Games often trigger people to move out of their comfort zone to produce something that could not have been achieved in a regular business setting.

What techniques/games do you use most frequently and why?
Thomas: We use a lot of role play, as it allows for empathy in everyone. Starting the empathy engine in itself is a powerful tool: Understanding emotions of other people. Additionally, playing games brings out the competitiveness in people; everyone wants to win and you can get so much more passion as a result.
Jens: Speed Boat is a game we often use, to locate problem areas that need to be addressed. We also use the Empathy Map to create personas serving as a story’s characters.
Thomas: And storyboards of course!
Jens: Yes, storyboards are an amazing technique. Storyboards tell and illustrate user interactions. They are simple and therefore easy to apply in workshops. When things get too complicated, the people and environment as a whole are losing energy and engagement. It’s all about keeping the passion and spirit alive in the workspace.

What are you most looking forward to at the Summit? Any particular sessions?
Thomas: Everything. I’m looking forward to experience everything the Summit has to offer.
Jens: I’m looking forward to meeting practitioners from totally different aspects of the industry, from software and design to marketing, to see how we can further advance the world of Innovation Games. I’m not focused on any particular session; I’m open to learn something new.


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