Version 3.9 offers users vastly improved usability and modern design, across both Visual Collaboration and Prioritization platforms

Mountain View, CA—July 25, 2014.  Conteneo Inc. today announced the release of Innovation Games® Online 3.9, the latest version of its flagship enterprise software engine. The Summer 2014 release offers users enhanced design and usability, along with several new feature sets, providing improvement in both its prioritization platform (a.k.a. Buy a Feature) and its visual collaboration platform.

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Conteneo—and that means providing software that evolves to meet our customers changing wants and needs,” said Luke Hohmann, CEO and Founder of Conteneo. “We want to ensure that users receive the most innovative and most stable release possible, and version 3.9 is a prime example of that. From making it easier to join and start games to an all-new player tutorial, Innovation Games Online 3.9 supports our mission of providing a best-in-class platform that enables the growth and success of our customers and partners.”


New features and benefits of version 3.9 include:

  • Easy entry into games using 9 Digit Access Codes: As part of our continued work on improved usability, players are now able to join games using a 9 Digit Access Codes. The 9 Digit Access Codes are also displayed in the project organizer, making it easy for users to join a game without searching for an email or opening the game invitation.
  • Galas 2.0—massive multiplayer games come to IGO: Galas are perfect when you have a lot of people who need to play your games—more games than you can facilitate. In this release, we’ve perfected and reformulated Galas for our prioritization platform, making them seamless to plan and play. Players are now able to play immediately after identifying themselves at the game’s front door. We’ve also added more producer controls, including the ability to configure the number of players (or slots) in each game, along with the total time allotted for play, and the time frame for adding players before the player “slots” are dropped. If no additional players show up after a configurable amount of time, then the slot is automatically dropped and the budget for that slot is distributed to all of the players.
  • How-to-Play tutorial. Buy a Feature Online, our prioritization platform, now includes a simple and elegant onboarding tutorial, explaining to first-time users the main features of the platform through a quick, click-through process.
  • Buy-a-Feature Player Usability Improvements:  Players are now notified when new players arrive, when a player slot has been dropped, and when they have received an increased budget. All Buy-a-Feature games (including Galas) now include a game clock. The “needs” column has been moved to the left-hand side of the game screen, so that players can more easily see the status of the items they are bidding on.
  • Re-styled Chat Windows. The chat and “whisper” windows have been restyled for ease-of-use in both Buy a Feature Online and the lobby.
  • Visual Collaboration improvements. While major changes to the visual collaboration platform are currently underway, this release did add several valuable improvements, including iPad support for Visual Collaboration games – both iOS6 and iOS7—and the benefit of collapsing player actions by default to enable easier chatting on iPad and other smaller screens.


Slide1Innovation Games Online 3.9 is currently available to all users, with more improvements coming in 2014.

Conteneo’s portfolio includes Innovation Games® Online, which launched in July 2009, and was highlighted in a by Forrester as a leader in the serious games industry for helping businesses “do work.” Other online collaboration game engines include Knowsy® and Common Ground for Action. Innovation Games® Online includes both a real-time visual collaboration platform and an online prioritization platform (Buy a Feature Online or Budget Games). The online platforms and games are based on Luke Hohmann’s book Innovation Games®: Creating Breakthrough Products through Collaborative Play.

About Conteneo

Conteneo Inc. helps private and public organizations super power business agility through the collaborative, social, serious games. Our online platforms and in-person services enable organizations to improve performance across the enterprise, including culture and change management, market research, strategy, complex sales and innovation and development. Current and past clients include Adobe, Armstrong Flooring, Cisco, Emerson Climate Technologies, HP, Rackspace, Reed Elsevier, Qualcomm, SAP, Yahoo! and others. For more information, go to

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