New online service provides organizations with a faster, easier, more collaborative and engaging way to prioritize backlogs, features, projects and more.

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Mountain View, CA—July 29, 2014.  Conteneo Inc. today announced the launch of, a new online service designed to make collaborative prioritization – at scale – quicker, easier and more cost-effective. Leveraging Conteneo’s Innovation Games® Online platform, the online service allows organizations to conduct large-scale, online prioritization with 100s to even 1,000s of customers, stakeholders and team members.

“In our decades of working with organizations like Adobe, Cisco, Transamerica, Rackspace, Yahoo!, we’ve learned that collaborating with customers and employees leads to breakthrough products and services and increased success for organizations,” said Luke Hohmann, CEO and Founder of Conteneo. “Collaboration is key to truly understanding market needs and priorities, but as companies, teams and markets grow larger, true collaboration becomes harder to accomplish. That’s where Conteneo’s online collaboration games come in.”

By leveraging Innovation Games® Online’s Gala feature, offers scalable, un-facilitated prioritization sessions, designed to allow 1,000s of individuals to play the Innovation Game® Buy a Feature Online – in groups of 6-8 – to collaboratively prioritize a list of backlog items, features, projects, and so forth.  And it’s easy to get started. Simply upload the list of items to prioritized; upload the contact information for the individuals who will be prioritizing the list; pay the fee (just $10 a participant)—and Conteneo takes care of the rest, from scheduling games to producing the report.

For more information, including detailed pricing information and case studies, go to or contact Conteneo at

Conteneo’s portfolio of products and professional services includes Innovation Games® Online, which launched in July 2009, and was highlighted in a by Forrester as a leader in the serious games industry for helping businesses “do work.” Other online collaboration game engines include Knowsy® and Common Ground for Action. Innovation Games® Online includes both a real-time visual collaboration platform and an online prioritization platform (Buy a Feature Online or Budget Games). The online platforms and games are based on Luke Hohmann’s book Innovation Games®: Creating Breakthrough Products through Collaborative Play.

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Conteneo Inc. helps private and public organizations super power business agility through the collaborative, social, serious games. Our online platforms and in-person services enable organizations to improve performance across the enterprise, including culture and change management, market research, strategy, complex sales and innovation and development. Current and past clients include Adobe, Armstrong Flooring, Cisco, Emerson Climate Technologies, HP, Rackspace, Reed Elsevier, Qualcomm, SAP, Yahoo! and others. For more information, go to

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