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It’s no secret. We’re broke

Local and state governments, the U.S. Federal government and many international governments are all facing budget shortfalls, spending cuts, and reduced services. All of us — ordinary citizens, elected officials, civic and community leaders — know that we must make dramatic changes (and tough choices) to solve this crisis.

But how do we involve the entire community to identify the best possible ways to resolve these budget crises? How do we better inform citizens on the ramifications of their choices?


Our Answer? Serious Games

Our specially designed Innovation Game, the Budget Games, is a unique set of in-person and online games that enable citizens and their governments to collaboratively identify budget priorities. For years, the Innovation Games Company has helped organizations large and small get actionable insights into customer needs and preferences through collaborative play, working with such companies as Cisco, Reed Elsevier, Yahoo!, Qualcomm, SAP, Emerson Climate Technologies and more.



Bring the power of collaborative games to your community!

The Every Voice Engaged Foundation is working to transform communities using the power of Innovation Games. Donate. Request an event, become a facilitator, volunteer, donate, help us break the impasse and bring positive change to our governments and communities.[Join in]


City of San Jose Budget Games

On January 29th, 2011, we made history by applying our proven methods to Public Sector problems, working with the city of San Jose, CA, to run the first-ever Budget Games. The games brought together a diverse and motivated group of over 100 engaged citizens who provided feedback to the Mayor’s Office regarding their budget priorities. We designed and produced all aspects of the event, including recruiting more than 30 of our trained Innovation Games facilitators to manage the games. The game was a huge success and San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed was able to act on many of the budget items citizens chose.

Thanks to the success of the 2011 games, we have produced a second and third Budget Games in 2012 and 2013 for the City of San Jose, CA, and helped launch the Every Voice Engaged Foundation to bring Budget Games and Community Games to the communities across the U.S. The Budget Games went global in 2013 with the announcement that the City of  Kortrijk, Belgium will be using Budget Games as part of its citizen engagement project Kortrijk Speaks.



Other Good Works

  • Helping Grameen America and PDMA fight Poverty:
    In Oct, 2010, we partnered with Grameen America and the Product Development and Management Association to produce a series of games, dubbed Attack Poverty, onsite at PDMA’s annual conference. The results? In this video, Katherine Rosenberg of Grameen America gives us her initial impressions of the Attack Poverty games.
  • Promoting Small Business:
    In May, 2011, we invited representatives from large and small businesses in San Jose to create Product Boxes that “sold” the City of San Jose to small businesses. Here are a few of the ideas participants came up with created.
  • Providing Pro-Bono Work Through our Trained Facilitators:
    Over the years, our globally trained network of facilitators have provided pro bono or reduced rate consulting to churches and other faith-based communities, the Agile Alliance, the Scrum Alliance, the Agile Product Leadership Network and the Project Management Institute, to name a few.




Innovation Games are a set of valuable tools to help solve complex problems in the public and private sector.


Contact Every Voice Engaged to learn more about how you can use Innovation Games for Civic Engagement


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