Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect Program

We’ve designed the “Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect” program to promote and facilitate the use of serious games in the business world.  The program enables companies to identify the Collaboration Architects they need (based on experience, industry expertise, language and more) and helps Collaboration Architects promote their skills and experience and get more work– a win-win for everyone!


How to Become Certified

You earn credits that qualify for different certification levels.  At the moment, there are three ways to earn credits:

  • Sign up for an Innovation Games Online account and start facilitating games!
  • Produce and/or facilitate in-person Innovation Games, Gamestorming, and other approved techniques and submit an in-person game credit report.
  • Take a training class.


Gamestorming and other techniques
Do you use Gamestorming as part of your innovation toolbox?  We support Gamestorming games, along with Innovation Games in the certification program. We’ll be adding other games and techniques in the future. Here’s our current list of supported games.


Are you a Collaboration Architect?

Looking to facilitate or produce more serious games at your company? Want to add Innovation Games to your service offerings? The Certified Collaboration Architect program empowers you to market yourself to companies or to improve your standing within your own company. Earn “ranks” for running online and in-person games using Innovation Games®, Gamestorming, and other approved techniques within our community. The higher your rank, the more options to promote yourself!

In the months ahead, you will be able to earn recognition for special achievements or skills, such as being an excellent discussion leader or possessing unique knowledge of a given domain. [Learn more]


Companies: Looking for a Certified Collaboration Architect?

Do you need an experienced Innovation Games provider for your research, collaboration or strategic planning project? Use our “Find Your Expert” directory to find the Certified Collaboration Architect with the right mix of skills and experience for your needs. The right collaboration architect can dramatically improve the insights you get from your Innovation Games engagements.

Do you already have experienced collaboration architects on your staff who facilitate and/or produce games for your organization? You can use the certification program as part of their professional development plan. [Find an Expert]


Want to Become an Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect?

The fast track to becoming a Certified Innovation Games® Facilitator is taking one of our Innovation Games training classes, taught by one of our Qualified Instructors.  While training is not required (see more details here), the training classes provide practical and intensive training in planning, playing, facilitating and post-processing Innovation Games. The two day course, Innovation Games for Customer Understanding, provides training in both online and in-person games, the one day Innovation Games for Agile Teams class provides tailored instruction for agile teams and the 6 hours online course, Innovation Games Online Platform Training, offers intensive instruction on both our visual collaboration and virtual market platform. [Learn more]

Questions about the “Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect” program? Check out our FAQ or contact us.

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