Certified Collaboration Architect Program FAQ


Program Overview

What is a Collaboration Architect?

A key strength of Innovation Games® is the power of collaboration.  People who play our games work together to develop ideas and solutions that would be impossible by themselves.  Companies use our games to collaborate with customers to build better products and services.  You do not simply “facilitate” a game — you design an experience that maximizes the collaboration between all participants.  We are now referring to all people who facilitate or produce these experiences as Collaboration Architects.


Why is being a “Certified” Collaboration Architect important?

We created the Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect (CCA) Program to help companies using Innovation Games find the experienced partners they need to have successful engagements, and help you market and promote yourself to those companies.  Certified Collaboration Architects will be able to create public profiles in Innovation Games Online, enabling companies to find the CCA with the right experience, background, and skills to deliver the insights they need.


What are roles currently eligible for “credits” in the Certified Collaboration Architect Program?

A facilitator: someone who facilitates or leads players through the games. There may be more that one game played.
A producer: someone who produces an event where there are multiple facilitators and/or games.


I am an Innovation Games Trained Facilitator
– what does this program mean for me?

The Certified Collaboration Architect (CCA) program replaces the old Innovation Games Trained Facilitator (IGTF) program.  We are granting retroactive experience credits for training classes completed and online games facilitated after January 24, 2011.


I am a Innovation Games Qualified Instructor
– what does this program mean for me?

In recognition of your contribution to the Innovation Game Community, we are granting all (Innovation Games Qualified Instructors) IGQIs Orange Belt status for as long as you remain in good standing.

Innovation Games Qualified Instructors may also claim in-person credits for Innovation Games (and other approved techniques) that are taught as part of your IGQI courses. Contact us for more information.

We are granting retroactive experience credits because of your status as IGQI,  as well as any training classes completed or online games facilitated after January 24, 2011, so your actual certification level may be higher than Orange.

More information on Experience Credits, Belt Levels, and Fees are available here.


Certification Process

What are the Certification Fees?

You can find a listing of our certification fees here.


How can I upgrade my Certification Belt level?

As soon as you earn enough credits to qualify for the next belt level, we’ll send you a note inviting you to upgrade.  You’ll need to pay the certification fee minus the prorated value left on your previous belt.


How long does Certification last?

Certification lasts for one year.  If you upgrade your belt before your Certification expires, the expiration date resets to one year from your upgrade.


What if I don’t pay to renew my certification?

You will lose your certification until you choose to renew it.


How do I become an Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect?

You must earn “Experience Credits” through facilitating games, producing games or taking training classes.  After earning enough credits you a pay the certification fee.



Experience Credits
-In Person and/or Online Games

How long do credits last?

Your training credits are good for eighteen months.  Facilitator and Production credits expire at different times based on the Belt level when you earned the credit. See Credits Expiration for more information.



What games and techniques qualify for the credit?

You earn credits for facilitating or producing games.  A “game” is any official Innovation Game® and Gamestorming techniques.  We’ll be adding support for similar techniques soon.  Please see this page for a listing of currently supported games and techniques.   We support both reporting credits for both online and in-person games. Online credits are tracked automatically by the system. In-person credits must be claimed by submitting an in-person credit report when logged in to Innovation Games Online.



Are there any special criteria for online games?

Yes.  An online game must have 2 players, must be 15 minutes in length duration, and have 10 chat messages to count for credit.



Training Credits

Can I earn a Belt without a course?

YES! instead of taking a class, you may earn a White Belt by passing the Apprentice Exam or facilitating a few games.


Can I earn higher belts without taking courses?

Yes! You can earn credits by facilitating or producing games.


Then why should I take the course? What are the course benefits?

Taking a course jump starts your certification and gives you a concentrated and practical experience that enables you to earn a higher level belt in one step.


Are exams required for certification?

You do not need to pass an exam for the Apprentice and Journeyman belts.


How do I earn Traning Credits?

You earn Traning Credits by taking classes taught by Innovation Games Qualified Instructors(IGQI) by taking the Apprentice Exam.


Producer Credits

How do I earn Producer Credits?

“Producer Credits” are earned by organizing games or a set of games that requires more than one Collaboration Architect for facilitation.  This is handled automatically online and through the self-reporting system for in-person games.

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