Circles of Influence

Goal: Identify who can help you reach your goal

Object of Play

The first step in reaching your business goal is always the most difficult. Where do you start? Who can you talk to? Is there anybody that will support you in your risky journey? Fortunately, Deb Colden’s Circles of Influence can help you achieve your action potential by identifying connections that will lead you to success. Take advantage of this game to expand your network and turn your thoughts into plans.


How to Play

To collaborate online, click on the Circle of Influence image.

At the top of a large poster or whiteboard, define your goal. Write it in one sentence to keep it concise. Underneath, draw two large circles next to each other, putting a check mark on the left one and a smiley face in the right one. Label the circles as followed:


  • Left circle: “Circle of the Task”
  • Right Circle: “Board of Directors”


With the group’s help, write the names of people who could help you reach your goal on sticky notes and post them around the “Circle of the Task.” Think of your network and the connections these people have.

Use the same process for the “Board of Directors.” This circle is for personal acquaintances who will help you no matter what, and who you can rely on to provide encouragement and advice. These people are perfect to speak with when you don’t know where to start or want to practice forming focused questions.

As a team, reflect on and note how connecting with each person could be advantageous. Focus on ways you can provide a win-win (give something, get something) experience to the people on your task circle.


Why It Works

This game involves visual organization and extensive collaboration to identify people who will help you reach your goal. By writing specific names, you can turn potential connections into beneficial relationships and form a more focused approach on how to achieve your objective. Get the job done by expanding your network while utilizing the support of those who know you best.

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