Empathy Map

Goal: Understand What Your Customers Want From Your Business

Empathy Map for customer understanding

Use XPLANE’s Empathy Map to collaborate with your internal team to understand the needs and desires of your customers as means to improve your products and services.


The Framework

To collaborate online, click on the Empathy Map image.

Drag notes from the item palette onto the image. The system will keep track of where you’re placing your notes.

When adding your notes be specific: Try to imagine what this person might hear and how they would hear it. Then, place this note in the “Hearing” section of the image.

Invite other members of your team to join you by clicking on the “+” icon in the lower left. Ask them to add their ideas on how the targeted persona experiences their world.

Emphasize that your goal is to truly understand and empathize with your target persona. Encourage your team to challenge each other if they add notes that do not appear to represent your persona.

When finished, download your results and use them to improve your products and services.


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  1. […] The value your company is creating must target particular groups of customer- the customer segments. This building block describes the people or organizations that your company aims to serve. Who are your most important customers? For whom are you creating value? It is important for you to be able to describe your ideal customer, you can do this with a tool designed by XPLANE called empathy map. […]

  2. […] Empathy maps are a good way to bring personas to life, to encourage empathy with users (the clue is in the title) and buy in from the wider project team. It’s often a useful exercise to collaboratively create empathy maps, or at least to review with the wider team. There is more information about empathy maps, including even an online empathy mapping game on the innovation games website. […]

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