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Conteneo’s approach is guided by the Ideas into Action Methodology™, a methodology developed through more than a decade’s work with leading organizations. Driven by your business goal, the steps you take to solve it may be grounded in one or all phases of the methodology — Discover, Shape, Prioritze and/or Act. Within each phase, there are unique and customizable frameworks to drive a business result.



The toughest part of innovation is accurately predicting what customers want, need or will pay for. Even if you ask them, your customers probably can’t explain to you what they truly want. And the typical brainstorming sessions, surveys or focus groups just don’t produce actionable results. That’s where Innovation Games comes to the rescue. Playing Innovation Games® like Speed Boat, Prune the Product Tree or Product Box with your customers enables you to tap into your customers’ needs and desires through the magic of game play. The game mechanics –and fun factor – deliver clearer more accurate insight, ensuring that you deliver breakthrough products and services, faster and more efficiently.


Sometimes the hardest task isn’t the invention. It’s not the discovery of new features or even uncovering glitches in a well-oiled process. The toughest slog can be wrestling with the mountain of data that your discovery efforts have produced, attempting to shape the information into a form that can be ordered and acted upon. The game mechanics underlying Innovation Games like Give Them a Hot Tub, Remember the Future and Show & Tell cut through the tedium and enable you to find the bright ideas, the breakthroughs.


While there’s no question that modern work practices have solved much of the quality and process issues that plagued organizations in the past, there are still hard problems to be solved and one of the largest is prioritization. It’s not enough to know what features your customers want; you need to know which features are essential and which ones can be tabled until the next phase. However, many of the methods for prioritization leave much to be desired. Backlog prioritization by spreadsheet, anyone? Innovation Games like Buy a Feature and 20/20 Vision take the drudgery out prioritization and ensure that your team is focusing on the right features at the right time.


Playing games equals real work. Innovation Games aren’t practice, aren’t simulations, but how leading companies are doing real work every day. From discovering new trends, to shaping and managing workloads, to prioritizing new features or projects, there’s a game to improve and enlighten every phase of work.

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