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Conteneo’s collaboration game platform, Innovation GamesⓇ Online allows companies to collaborate and gain powerful insights from their customers — through serious games — no matter where in the world those customers are. Create and facilitate your own games on-demand, or partner with an Innovation GamesⓇ Certified Collaboration Architect to answer your most pressing and complex questions quickly and easily.


Better than surveys and focus groups.

Look, we’re not saying those traditional tools don’t have their place. They do. But they simply don’t provide the depth and volume of usable data that a game or series of games can generate. When customers engage in play with each other, while focusing on how they value different aspects of your products or services, their gameplay and discussions reveal truths that they may not even consciously realize themselves.


Voice of the Customer

Our online visual collaboration and virtual market games, enable you to elicit your customers’ true needs and preferences. From design thinking, product/strategy road mapping, product development, fine-tuning marketing, sales/services strategy, our flexible online system allows you to play the right serious game to unearth true customer understanding and build lasting success.


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