Do you Know Knowsy?


More Importantly, do you know what Knowsy Knows?

Knowsy for Sales is a sales enablement platform that helps your sales team identify your customers’ priorities while connecting Marketing to the front-line conversations between customers and sales. Game mechanics, a real-time database, rich analytics and completely customizable game content means more effective marketing and increased sales.



The power of play

Deeply connect with your customers in a fun and powerful way using an intuitive drag and drop interface.



Access to Experts

Help your sales team sell the full breadth and depth of your company’s offerings by inviting your experts to share their opinions and best practices with your customers.



Real-time Account Data

Coordinate your entire sales and marketing effort through real-time information on customer priorities.



Rich Analytics

Excel download and easy analysis of stored game results put your customer’s priorities out front.



Full Custom Branding

Unlock the full potential of your sales enablement by branding and customizing Knowsy for Sales.



Front-Channel/Back-Channel Design

Give marketing access to the frontline sales conversations to help guide sales to the right results.




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