Cover Story

Goal: Think Big to Uncover Your Company’s Potential

One of the most effective techniques for recognizing common dreams people have for your company is to ignore all limits and imagine what “could be.” With The Grove’s Cover Story game, players can unleash their visions for the company and sprint toward success. During this creative activity, participants imagine a future accomplishment of the company so spectacular that it gets published on the front page of a newspaper. Cover Story uncovers shared goals and can lead to realizing true possibilities that were once unimaginable.


The Game

Start by drawing a large cover story poster for each 5 – 8 person group. Feel free to arrange the chart however you want, but make sure it has the following six components:
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  • Cover – states the spectacular success accomplished by the company
  • Headers – reveal what the story is about
  • Sidebars – include parts of the report
  • Quotes – testimonials about the accomplishment from anyone imaginable
  • Images – pictures that support the cover story
  • Brainstorms – used for writing down ideas before starting the activity

After taking 5 minutes for players to silently ponder where they want the company to go, have the team members collaborate with their groups and fill in the components of their charts. This can last 30 – 45 minutes.

Once all the cover stories are complete, give each group 5 – 10 minutes to present their big-picture ideas. As a team, work to recognize any commonalities among the stories and reflect on how these similarities can actually be applied. While some of the stories may seem extravagant, the collective thinking process may uncover real possibilities for your company’s future.


Why it Works

Without a creative outlet, it is easy for companies to get stuck in a mundane slump, not progressing toward its potential. Cover Story allows you to dream of the improbable, which could lead to envisioning what is attainable. By freeing yourself from all restraints, you can release your imagination and think big in order to realize what direction your company should move toward. Play Cover Story to deviate from the road of restrictions and identify your company’s goals.

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