Our Online Platforms Transform Your Ideas Into Action™

Our online, real-time game platforms are designed to help organizations solve problems across the enterprise—in sales, corporate strategy, product development, market research and marketing—and in every phase of work.

From Discover to Shape to Prioritize to Act, Innovation Games bring your Ideas to Action™.











Visual Collaboration Platform

Our powerful Visual Collaboration platform turns virtually any image into a game space in which players can express relationships between concepts, features or other priorities by manipulating game objects on the visual field. This interactive process produces a “visual wiki”, delivering invaluable insights into the way customers view your products/services, your company and their relationship with you.[Find out more]

The online version of our revolutionary Buy A Feature game, our Virtual Market engine, lets you identify the features, products or other elements you choose, assign them a “price”, and then lets your customers or colleagues allocate limited resources to “buy” them. As they work together to purchase their priorities, the players develop an incredibly rich and powerful data set that you can put to use instantly.



  • Scalable | Play online with 1000s of customers.
  • Real-time | Collaborate, no matter where you are physically located.
  • Data Rich | Every chat, negotiation, and move are tracked and available at the touch button.
  • Cost effective | Brings people together without the added cost of airfare, hotels, and catering.



Knowsy for Sales is a sales enablement platform that helps your sales team identify your customers’ priorities while connecting Marketing to the front-line conversations between customers and sales. Game mechanics, a real-time database, rich analytics and completely customizable game content means more effective marketing and increased sales.  
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