Visual Collaboration Games

A Picture Paints A Thousand Games

Our powerful Visual Collaboration platform turns virtually any image into a game space in which players can express relationships between concepts, features or other priorities by manipulating game objects on the visual field. This interactive process produces a “visual wiki”, delivering invaluable insights into the way customers or colleagues view your products, your company and their relationship with you.

Innovation Games® like Prune the Product Tree and Speed Boat use this system, but our Visual Collaboration platform can transform whatever image you upload into a game in seconds. Check out our FAQ for more details.



  • Scalable | Play online with 1000s of customers.
  • Real-time | Collaborate, no matter where you are physically located.
  • Data Rich | Every chat, negotiation, and move are tracked and available at the touch of the button.
  • Cost effective | Brings people together without the added cost of airfare, hotels, and catering.


Try a Game Now!

Check out our Instant Play gallery of visual collaboration games and try one of our latest games. We’ll automatically generate a (free!) Innovation Games® Online account for you, and you’ll instantly be able to test-drive our Visual Collaboration platform, by running a pre-defined game with your invited players. [Play Now!]


Visual Collaboration Games in Action: Success Stories

Innovation Games® Online enabled the Scrum Alliance to solicit and collaboratively identify, shape and prioritize new and/or improved services desired by the organization’s 80,000 members by using a combination of Prune the Product Tree and Buy a Feature. Prune the Product Tree was the first phase of the project, generating almost 100 unique ideas on how to “grow” the Scrum Alliance, followed by a Buy a Feature gala to prioritize the ideas for short-term and long-term action plans.

Rally Software, a leading SaaS ALM solution provider, wanted specific feedback on how to prioritize features in upcoming product releases. After considering Buy a Feature, 20/20 Vision and Prune the Product Tree, three games that help you prioritize features, they ultimately chose to Prune the Product Tree as the game that allowed them to best capture customer feedback on their development plans. The richness of the results shaped Rally’s development plans for more than 3 product releases.

NetApp collaborated with SAP to create a joint “Discovery Day” across joint customers. They used a combination of Spider Web, Speed Boat, 20/20 Vision, Buy a Feature, and Product Box to identify and share best practices for managing NetApp-SAP environments and to identify new product development opportunities in data center Dev/Test and Disaster Recovery.

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