Goal: Collect Constructive Criticism to Improve Future Events

People always have ideas about how to improve products, meetings, conferences, etc., but these thoughts are often structured as complaints. With Gamestorming’s Plus/Delta game, you can take this negative feedback and transform it into useful information. This not only creates a positive environment but also provides you with insight on how to improve your event for the future.


The Game

To collaborate online, click on the Plus/Delta image.

As a facilitator, start the game by drawing at-chart with a plus sign — representing positive observations — on one side, and a delta symbol — representing changes — on the other. Next, ask your players for positive aspects that should be repeated in the future, and elements that need to be improved for following events. Arrange the ideas in the plus and delta columns, respectively, placing those of higher priority toward the top, and the less critical ones near the bottom. This extra organization will help you keep track of the most important ideas.

Once all of the ideas have been posted, work as a team to analyze the results. How can you apply the criticism to enhance future events? What should you continue to do well? Use this time to learn how you can progress.


Why It Works

Asking for areas of improvement can be dangerous, as it commonly leads to unproductive, discourteous remarks. TheĀ Plus/Delta game turns these negative comments into valuable information and allows you to learn from the past in order to understand what can be improved for the future. Whether concluding a conference or analyzing aspects of a product, this strategy is effective for any business, event, or service.

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