SWOT Analysis Game

Goal: Uncover How to Attain Your Desired End State

Often times your end state is not what you desired, as there are always unpredictable obstacles and detours that alter your trek to the finish line. But what if you could identify these interferences before you begin your journey? We have collaborated with the Gamestorming team to bring you this game, based on the well-known SWOT analysis strategy. With this activity, you can work as a team to uncover your strengths and opportunities, as well as your weaknesses and threats that prevent you from attaining your goal.

The Game

To collaborate online, click on the SWOT Analysis image. Begin by explaining your desired end state to your players. Draw a picture of it and add fun descriptions to create a playful atmosphere. Next, create a chart with four quadrants and provide dot stickers, sticky notes — preferably a different color for each quadrant — and pens to the participants. In the upper left quadrant, write “Strengths.” For 5 – 10 minutes, have players write their ideas on the sticky notes, describing anything that will help excel toward the goal. Repeat this process for each of the other quadrants in the following order:

  • Quadrant 2: Strengths – what you have going for you
  • Quadrant 3: Weaknesses – anything that can be improved upon
  • Quadrant 4: Threats – obstacles that you must surpass
  • Quadrant 1: Opportunities – leads that you can focus your energy on

After everyone has written their ideas, have them post their sticky notes on the respective quadrants. As a team, go through each category and cluster the related ideas together. Have players dot vote with the stickers you have provided to identify the most relevant clusters.

Next, collaborate with the participants to create broader categories for the clusters, such as “Customer Service,” or “Leadership.” As before, dot vote to find the most important categories.
To conclude the game, summarize your findings and work together to identify how you can use the results to your advantage to reach your desired end state. Engage the participants and encourage them to come up with fresh insights.

Why It Works

This game allows you to predict the challenges that stand between the present and your desired end state, as well as see the advantages you have that can be used to overcome these obstacles. Rather than waiting to see what should have been done in hindsight, identify what you must do to attain your goal. With the extensive collaboration involved, blind spots can be uncovered and deeper insights can be presented. The spatial organization will allow you to understand specific factors that will be integral in your journey to your desired end state.

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