Hail to the Chief (Gaming Officer, that is)

Hail to the Chief (Gaming Officer, that is)

We have a Chief Gaming Officer! This a big deal for us — as anyone who’s read Luke’s blog post on the topic knows. Or really anyone who has ever talked to us — ever. Matt Brown

We’re happy to welcome Matt Brown to the team

— and his hazing involves answering my semi-silly interview questions. But first, about Matt.

He’s spent the past two decades focused on activating play to make our lives happier and more creative. What does that mean? It means he’s worked at companies such as Speck Design (Chief Strategist), Scholastic (SVP), Klutz (President) and Leap Frog (VP of Business Development and VP of the Internet Divsion). He’s also started a few companies, including including Primordial, creator of Zoob, and big BOING, an integrated strategy and development company that partnered with Toys R Us, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Coca Cola and others to launch or revitalize brands. Prior to all that he clerked for Judge Oliver Seth in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which means he used to be an attorney, but don’t hold that against him. Matt lives in Berkeley, CA with his wife, daughter and 3 dogs.

What’s your favorite Innovation Game?

Product Box is my favorite. Partly because it’s physical. I love seeing and holding the final product. Also, I like how the game is a blend of divergent (come up with products, names, taglines, features) and convergent (pick the top features, a final name, key benefits, etc.).

What makes you smile? 

My daughter’s laugh, my wife’s smile, my dogs rolling around on the grass.

What is your favorite place on Earth?

Anywhere on a beach with crashing waves.

If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be? 


What it the coolest thing you’ve seen or heard lately? 

Heard and seen. You gotta watch this YouTube video Basic Needs–Extreme Happiness. I want to feel that level of joy all the time, but probably won’t. I’m just not willing to walk solo to the South Pole and back.  Brrrrrrr.

Who do you want to play Knowsy (or Innovation Games) with? 

Einstein, Edison, Homer, Socrates, Edgar Allen Poe, Stan Lee, Steve Kirby, Jesus, Ghandi, Mohammed, Confucius, Alexander the Great, Columbus, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Disney, Douglas Adams, Steve Martin, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Susan B Anthony, Mother Theresa, Joan of Arc, Marie Curie, Katherine Hepburn, Annie Oakley, Amelia Earhart, Florence Nightingale, Georgia O’Keefe, Cleopatra …

or The Tick, The Incredible Hulk, Batman, Ford Prefect, Flaming Carrot, The characters from Firefly

or, my great, great, great grandparents.  I barely have any idea where I come from.

“Spot On” Live Interview with Luke Hohmann on Roadmapping


On Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 2 PM Eastern (11 AM Pacific), Gil Broza will interview Luke Hohmann on Innovation Games and Agile Roadmaps as part of his “Spot On” series. Gil’s interview series is intended to open new horizons for IT professionals interested in better software development, and features selected guest experts whose specialties overlap and align with Agile and promote effective, humane and responsible software development.

Luke and Gil will discuss:


  • The place of roadmaps in Agile planning
  • What other vital aspects of product planning and management are missing from many Scrum implementations
  • Balancing roadmaps with evolutionary design
  • Realistic ways to involve your customers in shaping your roadmap
  • Collaborative techniques to producing roadmaps
  • Hi-fi, lo-tech ways to represent roadmaps

Spot On Agile Roadmaps

Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 2:00 PM Eastern (11:00 AM Pacific).
To listen to the interview, register here.