The Innovation Games® Tribe at Agile Camp

If you’re not going to AgileCamp 2014 on May 3, you’re really missing out. The one-day agile event (with pre-camp workshops on May 2) is bringing together some heavy hitters in the agile community —  many of whom just happen to be members of the Innovation Games® tribe as well.AgileCamp14

The conference promises to have something for everyone interested in agile, whether you’re an expert or novice, with sessions on enterprise agility, agile leadership, team dynamics, lean innovation, GTD with agile and lean and the agile coach / scrum master kata. And then there are the keynotes from folks like our own Luke Hohmann, Rally founder and CEO Ryan Martens and Lean Kanban Inc.’s CEO David J. Anderson.


Check out the Innovation Games tribe’s contribution to the program below:

  • Pre-Camp Workshops

May 2, 2014; 1PM – 5PM

Introduction to Kanban
IGQI, CCA and ValueInnova CEO Masa Maeda
Agile Facilitator’s Toolkit
CCA and Innovation Games® Training Graduates Susan Berry and Randall Thomas

  • Agile Camp Sessions

May 3, 2014

Luke Hohmann, Founder and CEO of Conteneo

Power of Play
Matt Brown, Chief Gaming Officer for Conteneo

Gorilla Talk: Are you talking with your team, or at your team?
Joel Bancroft-Connors, Sr. Program Manager for EMC

Team Performance Model for High Performing Teams
Susan Berry and Randall Thomas, Aligned for Results, LLC, with Thomas Sibbet, The Grove Consultants International

Your Plans meet Reality with LeanCanvas
Dennis Britton, Agile Coach & Collaboration Architect for Lean Dog

Agile Improvisation
David Chilcott, Agile Coach, Outformations and Owen Walker, Inside Outside Improvisation

Enterprise Transformation Scaling Patterns & Anti-patterns
Monica Yap, Agile Coach for SolutionsIQ

Retrospectives for Team Engagement and Continuous Learning
Monica Yap, Agile Coach for SolutionsIQ

Innovation Games® Certification in Silicon Valley

Innovation Games® Certification in Silicon Valley

Join Luke Hohmman, founder and CEO of Conteneo Inc. (formerly The Innovation Games Company), for a two-day Innovation Games® Certification course in Mountain View, CA, on March 20-21, 2014.

Completion of the Certified “Innovation Games® for Customer Understanding” course gives attendees practical and intensive practice planning, facilitating and post-processing results from both online and in-person Innovation Games. Completion also certifies participants as an Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Architect (CCA), Orange Belt Level.

When: March 20-21, 20014;  9:00 AM – 5:30 PM  (This is 2-day class with coffee & lunch each day)
Where: TBA, Mountain View, CA.
Cost: $895 before Feb. 3, 2014
Registration & More Info

Innovation Games® Certification in Boston Area!

IGQI Jason Tanner, co-founder and president of Applied Frameworks (formerly Enthiosys) is teaching a two-day

Jason Tanner, Qualified Instructor

Innovation Games® Certification course in Waltham, MA January 21-22, 2014.

Completion of the Certified “Innovation Games® for Customer Understanding” course gives attendees practical and intensive practice planning, facilitating and post-processing results from both online and in-person Innovation Games. Completion also certifies participants as an Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Architect (CCA), Orange Belt Level.



When: January 21 & 22, 2014 from 9 to 5PM
Where: Hilton Garden Inn, Waltham, MA.
Cost: $895 before 12/21 (this is 2-day class with coffee & lunch each day)

Budget Games: Three Times the Charm!

Budget Games: Three Times the Charm!
The Innovation Games Summit wasn’t the only big event in January. Many of the attendees stayed on for the third annual Budget Games event for the City of San José, CA. The event was our largest Budget Games yet, with 40 facilitators and observers–some of whom came from as far as Sweden, Canada and the UK–and 120 local residents.

Our hat’s off to the Innovation Games community for donating their time to help the residents of San José. The Budget Games could not have been possible without their committment to spend their Saturday helpingthe citizens of San José prioritize the budget.

Get those people actively involved in the process! San Jose Budget Games: A Graphic View

Getting people involved in the decision making process can be quite a challenge, but the City of San José has a successful 3-year track record of partnering with Innovation Games® to pull its citizens out of their homes and into City Hall for the Budget Games. Mark McGregor facilitated at this year’s games and highlights his experience here.  “It was equally impressive to watch how people changed their perceptions based upon new inputs from other players,” explains McGregor.

Building a Better Budget

Andrea & Andy Simon, Innovation Games Qualified Instructors, came for New York to volunteer at the Budget Games. Andrea writes in her blog post on the event, “What is so interesting about these games is that Andy and I had different roles to play at different tablesand each table went about the games differently. Mine decided to agree to the revenue and cost issue first, so that they knew how much money they had to work with. His went after the priorities. Some of the tables went immediately to public safety. Mine discussed community centers and libraries and thought there were enough police and firemen but that they had to be used more effectively.”



The comprehensive program rewards skill and experience in using Innovation Games, Gamestorming and related techniques to solve business problems.

April 12, 2013 — Mountain View, CA. The Innovation Games® Company, the leading producer of online and in-person serious games for business, today announced the launch of its “Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect Program”. Built around skill and experience with planning, playing and facilitating serious games to accomplish business goals, the program connects organizations needing Innovation Games services with experienced Innovation Games Certified Collaboration Architects (CCAs).

“The Certification program has evolved from direct requests from our largest customers to help them identify and hire qualified facilitators. We’re also seeing companies list Innovation Games® as prerequisites for employment, which matches the increasing demand we see in the business world, as more and more companies integrate serious games into their business processes,” says Luke Hohmann, CEO and Founder of The Innovation Games® Company.

“With more than 1,000 people trained in our methods—both inside and outside of corporations—-and a growing user base for our online software,” Hohmann continues, “it was time to create a program to connect Collaboration Architects with the organizations putting serious games to work.”

The “Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architect Program” enables individuals who facilitate and produce Innovation Games® and similar techniques to more effectively market their services to potential clients. Through the program, Certified Collaboration Architects earn “Belts” for facilitating and producing both online and in-person games using Innovation Games®, Gamestorming and other approved techniques within the community.

CCAs can be ranked at 9 belt levels, designating them as Apprentice through Master Certified Collaboration Architects. In the months ahead, CCAs will be able to also earn and be recognized for special achievements or skills, such as being an excellent discussion leader, or possessing unique knowledge of a given domain or industry. Higher-ranked CCAs get more options to promote themselves in the community.

Organizations needing serious games expertise win big with this program. They can search the “Find an Expert” database to find Certified Collaboration Architects with the right mix of skills and experience for their research, collaboration and strategic planning needs. This allows companies to get the best insights from their serious games engagements.

For more information about how the Innovation Games® Certified Collaboration Architects Program can help you succeed, check out our website or contact us at


About The Innovation Games® Company

The Innovation Games® Company is the leading producer of serious games—online and in-person—for business. Innovation Games helps organizations large and small get actionable insights into customer needs and preferences to improve performance, through collaborative play, having worked with such companies as Cisco, Reed Elsevier, Yahoo!, Qualcomm, SAP, Emerson Climate Technologies and more. To learn more about Innovation Games® Online, our online game platform for real-time, distributed collaboration and Knowsy for Sales, our sales enablement game, visit

To learn more about the Certified Collaboration Architect Program, please visit:

Certified Scrum Product Owner

The Certified Scrum Product Owner Course is a two-day course which introduces the concepts of agile product management using the Scrum methodology. Why does this matter? The 2003 Standish Chaos study showed that 43% of all IT projects had a cost overrun. Further, 52% of all projects failed to meet objectives, 66% failed and 82% were delivered late. It’s no wonder our customers are unhappy! This course will provide you the tools, techniques and most importantly, the understanding needed to be an effective Scrum Product Owner.

This course is highly interactive. Students will learn tried & true methods for building, managing and prioritizing the Product Backlog and ways to build a product roadmap for release planning. Some of the techniques will seem a bit odd, but trust us, they work. Exercises in this class contain Innovation Games, by Luke Hohmann. These are some of the best techniques on the planet for helping customers determine what they mean and ensuring you build what they mean, not what they ask for. This course is highly interactive. Students will learn tried & true methods for building, managing and prioritizing the Product Backlog and ways to build a product roadmap for release planning. Some of the techniques will seem a bit odd, but trust us, they work. Exercises in this class contain Innovation Games, by Luke Hohmann. These are some of the best techniques on the planet for helping customers determine what they mean and ensuring you build what they mean, not what they ask for.

At the end of this course, successful participants will be Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Product Owners as well as receive a complimentary one year membership to the Scrum Alliance, which provides you discounts to Scrum Gatherings, allows you access to member-only content such as past Gathering videos, and more.

Date: September 30 – October 1, 2013

Time: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Location: Hilton Garden Inn, 840 East El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040

Register: Here

Objet Direct Puts Product Box Into Play

The French love Innovation Games®. Case in point? Our newest partner  Object Direct — our only certified partner in France — which boasts three Innovation Games® Qualified Instructors and Trained Facilitators among its Objet Directemployees. Object Direct has incorporated Innovation Games into its client work, finding (like many other organizations) that the games often improve and enhance agile techniques.

Earlier this year, Object Direct began working with Weleda Laboratories, a global pharmaceutical company with a presence in more than 50 countries. Weleda wanted its e-commerce and online presence revised and restructured and tapped Objet Direct for the project. The Object Direct team would follow agile practices for the Weleda project and started with a “0” sprint to allow Weleda to define and describe the project’s vision document, as well as the product backlog.


Product Box to the Rescue

Object Direct wanted to gain as complete an understanding of Weleda’s needs as possible. They wanted to use a technique that wouldn’t just uncover apparent needs, but unknown or less obvious requirements. Enter Product Box, along with stickers and markers and glitter glue.Aubrey Conseil Product Boxes

During the initial meeting, held using the workshop format, Weleda’s team built Product Boxes illustrating their requirements concerning the orientation and makeup of their future websites. How did it turn out?

“Bravo Innovation Games,” extols Weleda’s E-commerce & Digital Marketing Manager Carrie Mass, “for creating such a useful and enjoyable series of games to support active learning! As new adopters of the Agile methodology, the exercises we’ve experienced so far have made a world of difference in learning [to be Agile].  The games employed to learn and introduce the method have been insightful, engaging and effective.”

Object Direct tells us that using Innovation Games in tandem with Agility is bringing success to not just Weleda, but several other clients, as well. “We want our partnership with Innovation Games to allow other companies in France experience this innovative toolkit for project development, in their native French,” writes Objet Direct’s Cory Casper.

Mais, bien sûr. We couldn’t agree more.


Innovation Games Training Comes to Raleigh

Enthiosys President and Innovation Games Qualified Instructor Jason Tanner is teaching a two-day Innovation Games for Customer Understanding class in Raleigh, NC on Nov. 1-2, 2012. Held at Rally Software’s Raleigh-office, the class will cover both online and in-person games, focusing on real-world application and practice. The interactive workshop will prepare participants to plan, play, facilitate and post-process game results, along with providing students with practice in choosing the right game for the right result.

The Early Bird deadline has passed, but we’re extending it to the Innovation Games community. Just register here, with the code TIG12.


Class details

Date: 1-2 November 2012
Timing: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Venue: Rally Software, Suite 105

Serious Games for Market Research Workshop in Stockholm

Innovation Games® Qualified Instructor and founder of Aneega AB Ulf Hannelius will be presenting on serious games for market research and hosting an hourlong Buy a Feature workshop for 30 participants at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship on Oct. 12, 2012. The interactive session is part of SSES’s Toolbox Friday series, focusing on how Innovation Games can help participants conduct market research that will challenge customers in insightful and fun ways to define Innovation.

SSES is a joint effort between the Karolinska Institutet, The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm university and The University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.

Ulf Hannelieus, the founder and CEO of Aneega AB, has an extensive background in academic research and coordination within the fields of molecular biology, genetics and cancer. After getting the opportunity to spend a month at Innovation Games® in Silicon Valley and completing his MBA, he decided to pursue a career within innovation and change management, helping organizations realize the full potential of complex market research, organizational culture, change and product development initiatives. Ulf has a PhD in molecular biology from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and an Executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. He is an Innovation Games® Trained Facilitator, Qualified Instructor and a certified Scrum Master.

IGQI Jonathan Clark is speaking at the Society for Scholarly Publishing on September 30th.

Jonathan Clark will be facilitating the session on the evening of September 30th, entitled “Shifting Sands: Thriving through Sustainable Innovation”.  It will be held at the Waterview Conference Center in Arlington, VA. Get more details about the speakers and register here.