Certified Innovation Games® Online Course(Software Platform Training)


This two-part, online-only class is designed to teach you how to use our online game platform Innovation Games® Online platform (IGO). From setting up a game to facilitating, to post-processing the game results, this interactive, exercise-based online class will teach you how to be an expert in online facilitation. Presented online, you will be able to talk to other participants and the instructor, while you learn the ins and outs of facilitating both virtual collaboration games and Buy a Feature Online.


What You’ll Learn

Innovation Games® are serious games that can be used to deliver cost-effective market research for companies and super-charge the product planning process. Based on the book of the same name by Luke Hohmann, Innovation Games® Online tools power innovation by enabling you to better understand your customers without having everyone in the same room.

This course will help you gain a better understanding of how to apply these online games.


Course Outline:

Beginning with an overview of Innovation Games, you will learn how to:

  • Learn how to facilitate and drive online discussion within the IGO platform.
  • Understand the critical differences between Online and In-Person games, and what makes more sense in common situations.
  • See how proper preparation can make the difference between a so-so and a great game.
  • Understand how layers and regions really work, so you can explain it to others.
  • Get taught on the intricacies of the IGO export, so you can show the outcome of the game to others.


Who Should Attend

  • Product managers/directors
  • Marketing managers
  • Market research professionals
  • Executive Management
  • Agile Coaches/Team Leads
  • Software engineers/developers/architects
  • Anyone interested in driving more successful, customer-focused product development


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